18 USC 2257 Statement

VRBonk.com does not directly or indirectly produce video content. Pursuant to 18 USC 2257, kindly direct any and all inquiries to the production and/or originating site for records. VRBonk.com provides a forum for the viewing, sharing and uploading of a wide variety of adult entertainment content. While VRBonk.com strives to ensure accuracy and compliance with industry standards, some of the content may not meet same.

To ensure compliance, VRBonk.com adheres to the following procedures:
  1. Prohibition of any and all individuals under 18 years of age from uploading content;
  2. Verification of a user’s age, content and completeness of records, including the age of models within the content;
  3. Certify that the content being uploaded is either owned by the user or they are legally licensed to upload, publish, share the content at hand.

Contact the Compliance Department at bonkvr@gmail.com to request more information about a particular content’s originating website.